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Tegan And Sara Posters Buy a Collection

Album Release and Promo Posters for Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara HeartThrob Jackets Poster

-Tegan and Sara HeartThrob Jackets Poster

Promo Flyer to advertise Tegan HeartThrob – Shows them standing in
fashionable Jackets.

| Size – approximately 11×17 inches (28x43cm)

There's no through-line to the means Tegan and Sara think about romance on their seventh studio cd. Occasionally love heals all injuries; other times it's the wound itself. And occasionally it works as a mere accessory to more important matters, as in the disc's lead single, "Closer." "All I imagine recently," they sing over a pulsating disco-rock groove, "is ways to get you beneath me.". Consistencies don't get closer, or stranger, than the those of Tegan and Sara. Their voices meld so effortlessly, they can appear like mirrors, mirroring each other into infinity.
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Genetics had something to do with it. Tegan and Sara aren't simply bandmates, they're also twins. Small marvel they often seem to be living in their own "Patty Duke Program," playfully perplexing us with their identifications and objectives. Yet if "Sweetheart" provides a believably irregular vision of how love takes place, the album does it with an immediacy and a directness that feels brand-new for these Canadian twin sisters, who have built a devoted following of indie-minded fans. In "Goodbye, Goodbye" and "Drove Me Wild" they trade homey folk-pop guitars for shimmering new-wave synths, while "How Come You Do not Want Me" trips an '80s - design drum-machine beat evocative the Person Organization hit that virtually shares its title.
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"Sweetheart" represents a significant rethink on their style, a possibly far more commercial one. Rather than the darting, nerdy guitar-based noise of old, they have actually gone for something richer and deeper, discovered in the soft pillows of synth-pop. Assisted by producers as canny as Mike Elizondo (Maroon 5, Carrie Underwood), they've adopted an overall "I Love the '80s" approach.
There's no through-line to the method Tegan and Sara think about romance on their seventh studio album. Often enjoy heals all injuries; various other times it's the injury itself. Tegan and Sara aren't just bandmates, they're likewise exact same twins. In urgent, deeply felt tunes such as "More detailed" and "I'm Not Your Hero," Tegan and Sara appear determined to be understood-- incongruities, contradictions and all. The result alters the whole texture of the Tegan and Sara sound, though, gladly, they've maintained their flair for harmony, hooks and tunes.
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